Android: Useful ADB commands

  • Install apk on device
            $ adb install -r <apk name>
  • Push Apk to system apps 
            $ adb push <apk name> /system/app/
  • Run logs and store into file
            $ adb logcat -v threadtime | tee <file name>
  • To get Memory information about app
            $ adb shell dumpsys meminfo <App package name>
  • To get System properties available in device
            $ adb shell getprop
  • Pull file from device
            $ adb pull <file name>
  •  To view a log buffer containing radio and telephony messages 
            $ adb logcat -b radio
  • To start Activity
            $ adb shell am start -n <package>/.<activity name>
             Ex: adb shell am start -n com.example.test/.MainActivity

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