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Tizen: Application Types

Tizen platform supports following types of Application types

  • Web Applications: Web apps are essentially a website stored on your device that are built using web-native languages like HTML/CSS and JavaScriptThey use the Tizen Web Framework to interact with the native subsystems and the Linux Kernel. Web apps are far more simple than native apps, however they are also more limited in their functionality.
  • Native Applications: is developed using C/C++ and can access more advanced device-specific features, such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer in addition to more advanced system settings and functionality.

    The native applications use the Native API, which provides all of the memory management and performance benefits that come with building applications for Linux in C. 
  • Hybrid Applications: Tizen platform also allows you to develop a hybrid application package where native and Web applications are packaged together to make more powerful applications.

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